Best Products for Helping Your Baby through Teething

Best Products for Helping Your Baby through Teething


Teething has been going on for thousands of years, yet it still causes pain and distress for millions of babies and their mothers every year. As baby teeth emerge from the gums usually at six months of age or older, your baby’s gums become red and sore. Your baby often becomes crankier than usual and may cry more. Drooling is quite common, and you may find yourself going through an entire pile of bibs every day. If your baby has sensitive skin, he or she may even develop a rash as an autoimmune response to the drool. While teething will last for a year or two, it may seem like an eternity as you deal with sleepless nights, a crabby child and excessive amounts of laundry. Try these five amazing options for keeping your baby happy and comfortable while decreasing your stress during teething.

Wooden Teething Toys

A quick walk through your local store’s baby section or a quick online search will reveal hundreds if not thousands of toys designed for teething. However, not all are constructed with durable or natural materials that will stand up to your baby’s strong new teeth. Teething toys made from a strong wood, such as beech, will stand up to constant gnawing and will not splinter or hurt your baby. These should always be free of coatings or wax and should not have small parts that could come off in your child’s mouth. You can often buy teething toys online to find the best products.

Chilled Toys

Other teething toys are made of silicone or plastic and are designed to be filled with water or are already filled with a gel-like substance. These toys can be put in the refrigerator but not the freezer to be chilled. When your baby chews on one of these cold toys, the toy will numb his or her gums slightly, decreasing pain. Many toys can be washed regularly in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Teething Pacifiers and Nipples

At this time, you will also want to switch to teething pacifiers and nipples. These products are made of stronger-than-usual silicone so that they will not become torn or punctured from your baby’s sharp new teeth. Some teething nipples are even texturized to relieve discomfort in sore gums.

Waterproof Bibs

Waterproof bibs are a necessity for any teething child. Choose bibs that are soft and absorbent on one side but waterproof on the other. This will keep your baby’s neck comfortable while keeping underlying clothing dry.

Mesh Bags for Fruits and Veggies

For a healthy snack that can help relieve discomfort, put chilled fruits and vegetables in mesh feeding pouches. Your baby can gnaw on these for relief from pain while also gaining some nutrition and trying out new foods.

While teething happens differently for every child, nearly every baby will have some discomfort and irritability during this time. You may need to try several different products or toys until you find one that your baby gravitates towards and that keeps him or her happy and comfortable. From waterproof bibs to frozen teething toys, you have many options for comforting your baby and making your days and nights of childcare more pleasant during this time.

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    hi Mom, how much time drool rashes take to cure, any fastest treatment or remedy ?

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