Back To School Tips for a Healthy Smile from Great Expressions

Back To School Tips for a Healthy Smile from Great Expressions

Great Expressions

The first few days the kids are full of excitement to meet their teachers and see all of their friends that they did not get to see all Summer long. However, that quickly wears off and after spending the summer in warm weather and sunshine, heading back to school and sitting in a classroom can be a drag. By finding little things to celebrate, such as losing a tooth, a day can brighten up quickly. When a tooth is lost, create a “tooth fairy mailbox” or pass out a “tooth fairy certificate” at school to ensure this milestone is celebrated.

Keeping your kids healthy and energized is very important.  School days can be long for students and by mid afternoon, they may need some extra energy to finish that math or English lesson. This is seen with children of all ages not just younger students. Teachers, you can send home a healthy snack list to parents or add healthy snacks to a bin in the classroom to ensure students are energized in a healthy way. Some snacks to think about are fruit, trail mix and granola bars. Parents, do not forget to pack your child a healthy lunch full of fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese. Cheese is especially good for your child’s teeth because it neutralizes acids. Acidic items, such as fruit juices and sodas, should be avoided since they allow the bacteria in plaque to produce more acid. Snacks and foods filled with sugar are more likely to cause your child to crash and have less energy than before snacking.

Stay on Top of Appointments and keep yourself and child organized. This will make tasks easy and less stressful.  Before life gets too hectic with after school activities and homework, schedule your child’s dental and doctor appointments to ensure their teeth and body start the year in tip-top shape! As a reminder, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease and, if left untreated, it can impair a child’s ability to eat, speak, sleep and learn!

Stay Organized- For parents, heading back to school can be a busy time full of sport practices, carpools and early mornings with late evenings. Keep your family organized by placing all important dental and doctor appointments with practice schedules on a large calendar the whole family has access to. Color code for each child for extra organization.

Making lists will be your new best friend! Chances are when heading back to school many purchases will need to be made. Be smart about your purchases and don’t forget items such as, healthy snacks, dental items to pack in a back pack for use after lunch or snack time, mouth guards for sports safety and classroom supplies.

Handle stress. School can be a stressful time for all parties involved. Follow the tips above to keep stress at bay but look out for signs of stress. If you are clenching your jaw you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep, it may be time to step back and relax. If these symptoms continue, visit a GEDC office near you.

Save money. Totals will add up quickly when making a “back to school shopping list.” Save money where you can by couponing or taking advantage of local sales. GEDC offers the Smile Protection Plan (SPP), an all-in-one discount plan that offers savings on dental care, affordable and convenient for those without insurance. For more information on the SPP, the perfect alternative to dental insurance, visit the Great Expressions Dental Center Website.

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