Baby Hamper Ideas For The Shower

Baby Hamper Ideas For The Shower

Baby Hamper

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If you’re stumped for ideas for that upcoming baby shower, why not give a gift basket? Baby hampers make fantastic gifts for little ones and mums too. You can create unique hampers for mums-to-be.

Here are some great ideas for baby hampers:

Ideas for Girl Baby Hampers

Little girls will need clothes, toys and all sorts of other things when she arrives. You could create a bespoke girly hamper with items like:

– Clothing: anything from socks and slippers to tiny jumpers, skirts and other cute outfits. Place the clothing at the bottom of the hamper basket.

– Disney characters and soft toys will be enjoyed too. If you include a stuffed bear or animal, remember to check the label for safety instructions.

As for baby girl color schemes for baby hampers, pastels and pinks are the most common. Butterflies, flowers and other girly delights are a wonderful way to decorate the basket too.

Remember to consider what the parents would like too. They might not want their baby girl wearing pink dresses or playing with dolls. If you think this would be an issue, opt for neutral shades and clothing.

Ideas for Boy Baby Hampers

Baby boys need their clothing and accessories too. Choose t-shirts, shorts and sleepers for little boys and even sneakers and caps. Don’t forget mum will always appreciate baby products.

As for color schemes, blue is the everlasting favorite. If the boy-to-be’s dad is a baseball fan, though, choose cute baseball baby clothing for your baby hampers Melbourne. Make sure they’re dad’s favorite team.

And if dad’s a biker fanatic, Harley Davidson offers a complete range of clothing for biker babies.

Remember to keep the family’s taste and preferences in mind and you won’t go wrong with a gorgeous baby hamper for the baby shower.

Hamper Accessories

Bedding and blankets make great additions to hampers. As do mobiles that can be mounted to the crib to keep the baby occupied for ages. Soothers and pacifiers are welcome gifts too. Other appreciated additions include towels, wash clothes, baby shampoos and soaps and talcum powder.

A Seasonal Baby Shower Hamper

You could base your hamper off the season in which the baby will be born. Spring is full of greens and yellows as well as lilacs, lilies and tulips. Think plush ducks and baby bunnies. Baby shorts and light jumpers will make sure the little one looks fashionable without freezing or overheating during Spring.

As for winter new-borns, your hamper could include matching jackets, beanies and mittens along with earmuffs and warm vests.

Packaging Baby Hampers Melbourne

Once you have chosen the items for the baby shower hamper, it’s time to assemble the gift basket. Take the time to put the hamper together carefully and add finishing touches with care.

Use clear or tinted cellophane to encase the hamper. Cut a large piece of cellophane and place it on an empty work area. Place your empty basket on top of it and be sure to center it to get the wrapping even.

You might also like to use shredded paper, Styrofoam or even plastic at the bottom of the basket to keep the items in place and help them not to fall out. This will give the basket a really nice, full look too.

Place the larger and taller items in the center of the basket to give stability to the hamper and also make for an attractive presentation. Fragile items and lighter pieces will do best on top of the hamper.

Once you have placed all the gifts inside the basket, use a couple pieces of clear tap to keep everything in place. Then gather the cellophane and wrap around the basket, pulling up and over. Use a ribbon or twist tie to secure the wrapping in place.

Your varied and personal hamper is bound to be a favorite at the baby shower.

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  1. June 23, 2015 at 1:02 am

    Very cool ideas. Going to share with other. I have 2 daughters expecting for their 1rst babies. Gonna have two showers to throw. One in July and other after the new years. So excited.

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