Arriving Just in Time for Your Holiday Gift Shopping Alter Nation Action Figures

Do you want to include the hottest toys this holiday season under your tree? Are you looking for a toy that your kids will love playing with. Look no further than Panda Mony’s Alter Nation Action Figures! 

Alter Nation action figures have an exciting story line. They are five young adults who live on the mysterious San Nicolas Island Naval Base under the watchful eye of Commander Stone. To the outside world they are mysterious cryptids with amazing abilities, defending humanity in secret. But the team, code-named GK Delta, has discovered that their origins are not what they seem and powerful enemies of humanity are threatening to expose the truth!

More than the average super team, Alter Nation is action, adventure and intrigue. Each character is packaged with a mini comic book to help introduce the world of Alter Nation and each figure is fully poseable with unique action features based on their animal abilities.

Phase one of the action figure line will include four hero characters: El Ray, Daart, Quillroy, Albert VII. The two villains are Sham and Sabotage. The line of figures is 1:12 or six-inch scale, have unique animal-ability play features and include multiple accessories. There are also plans for these exciting characters to be an animated series in the future!

Alter Nation Action Figures will be available in the fall and will retail from $21.99 – $24.99. Right now when our readers use code mommybaby they can save 10% on their orders. Hurry the discount expires January 21, 2020. For more product information please visit Panda Mony.

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